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Performance Report - Quarter 3, 2020-21


The Group Manager Organisational Performance introduced the report, which provided Members with an update on the Service’s performance against the key performance indicators (KPIs) for Quarter 3, 2020-21. The corporate performance scorecard reflecting the Quarter 3 position against targets set and the year-on-year direction of travel for the Service’s KPIs was attached to the report.


Members were referred to the Performance Health Report which was also attached to the main report. It contained a detailed description of each KPI, including a summary of current performance and any actions taken to improve performance.


The Head of Protection and Organisational Performance expanded on the KPIs, providing further context particularly where targets had not been achieved.


The continuing Covid-19 pandemic had meant that many normal activities had been impacted.  Some activities were continuing, but at a lower level than normal, but some activities remained paused, e.g. thematic inspections, fire safety audits and the risk based inspection programme.


The Head of Protection and Organisational Performance referred Members to the KPI relating to the number of deaths in primary fires.  Two fatalities had occurred in Quarter 3 in one incident with the cause believed to involve smoking materials.  Both victims were over 65.


The KPI status for the number of Accidental Dwelling Fires (ADFs) was currently amber.  The Head of Protection and Organisational Performance confirmed that at the end of quarter three there were 273 ADFs compared to a target of 272.  There had been a small increase in the number of kitchen fires from 134 to 137 and a small increase in the number of fires started in the bedroom and living room.  There had also been an increase in the number of fires involving single occupancy households from 82 to 107 and further analysis of these figures would take place.


The Head of Service Delivery provided an update on performance against the on-call availability KPI.  On-call availability had been maintained at 68% in Quarter 3. However, this was still below target.  He referred Members to the actions listed in the report which were intended to improve performance.


Members were referred to the KPI for Working Days Lost to Injury which was currently red.  This was due to 56 days lost in quarter one as a result of injuries sustained in three separate accidents, two of which occurred late in the final quarter of the previous year.  In Quarter 3 there were 37 duty days lost due to one accident to an On-call Firefighter.


A Member asked if there was any further information available on RTCs involving cyclists or pedestrians, particularly where they may have occurred at night due to low visibility.  The Group Manager Organisational Performance said that additional context could be included for future meetings.


A Member asked what measures were in place to protect empty premises that had closed during the pandemic.  The Group Manager Organisation Performance said that the Business Safety Team were using social media to engage with the community as much as possible with advice and information.




[1]       the report be noted.


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