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Performance Report, Quarter 1, 2021-22


The Business Support Manager introduced the report, which provided an update on the Service’s Quarter 1 2021-22 performance for each of the Key Performance Indictors (KPIs). The report included the Corporate Scorecard, which reflected the Quarter 1 position against targets set and the year-on-year direction of travel for the KPIs.


The Business Support Manager focussed on the KPIs where targets had not been achieved providing further context to the figures.


·           The number of Safe and Well (SaW) visits delivered to properties of Heightened Risk was impacted due to Covid-19 with 2320 completed in Quarter 1. Service Delivery staff were recommencing SaW delivery in October 2021, with a target of 5000 to be completed by end of 2021-22.


·           The Thematic Inspections completed by Operational Crews were impacted due to Government Covid restrictions and premises being closed in Quarter 1. The premises that could not be inspected have been scheduled to be inspected over the coming months.


·           The target for the Risk Based Inspection Programme (RBIP) was missed by one audit. RBIP visits have restarted as a consequence of the lifting of Government restrictions. The missed audit has now taken place.


·           The figures for Average Days/Shifts Lost to Sickness are above target and double Quarter 1 figures for last year. The increase was attributed in some part to delays to NHS diagnosis/treatment/ intervention due to Covid-19. The long-term absence figure has been reduced from 25 cases to 5.


·           72 Working Days were Lost to Injury because of three incidents. One incident involving an On-Call fire fighter sustaining an injury during training resulted in 49 days being recorded as lost. The On-Call absence recording methodology was being reviewed to provide a more representative method of reporting. At present it overstates the absence.


·           The On-call Availability had decreased from 77% in Quarter 4 to 64% in Quarter 1. The Head of Service Delivery explained that in Quarter 4 lockdown measures meant many on-call staff were working from home or furloughed from their primary employment inflating the on-call availability figure. Quarter 1 coincided with the lifting of travel restrictions, annual leave being taken and long-serving watch managers and crew managers leaving the service.


The Head of Service Delivery described the actions that had been taken to increase availability e.g. the ongoing recruitment programme and the on-call programme team operating from the on-call fire stations.


A Member questioned why the availability of the secondary on-call appliance at Winsford was at 45%. The Head of Service Delivery outlined the struggle with recruitment for secondary appliances generally and a plan was in place at Winsford to recruit operational staff to fill the roles; however, this was a 2-year programme.


A Member requested an update on how Covid-19 was affecting the current staffing figures. The Head of Service Delivery advised that the service had maintained a low figure for staff absence due to rigorous Covid measures. Where Covid cases did occur the outbreak was actively managed and isolation of staff as a precautionary measure was used where possible.


A Member questioned how the long-term sickness had been reduced from 21 cases to 5. The Assistant Chief Fire Officer advised that the individual cases were actively managed working with the Occupational Health Unit to assist staff back into the workplace in a supported and managed way.


A Member noted that Cheshire West and Chester had the highest percentage of Automatic Fire Alarms in hospitals and questioned what actions were being taken to rectify this. The Head of Service Delivery advised that regular meetings were held with hospital representatives to try to drive down the false alarm calls.




[1]       the Performance Report – Quarter 1 2021-22 be noted.



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